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Welcome to the O3XWiki: your source for OpenZFS on OS X documentation.

Often-referenced instructions can be found here.

To submit a bug report, please follow the instructions here.

(If you were looking for information about the MacZFS project, there is no active website. An archived version of their site is available at:

The Software

OpenZFS on OS X
Brief overview of OpenZFS on OS X.
Latest release of the Mac installer.
List of common and frequently asked questions.
O3X Documentation
Index of popular articles and often-referenced information about O3X and OpenZFS.
Bug fixes, new features, etc.
Installation Guide
Detailed guide through the whole process of installing OpenZFS on OS X.
Uninstallation Guide
How to remove O3X from your computer.
Information of particular interest to developers.
Performance and Benchmarking
Source Code
Show me the code.
Version numbers of releases, pkgs, upstream, etc.

Our Community

Getting Involved
Describes various ways O3X users can contribute to the O3X community.
If willing and able to contribute to the wiki, please see this article for ideas.
Technical Information about editing and contributing to the OpenZFS on OS X Wiki.
O3X Forums
General technical assistance for users and discussion of all things O3X including development.
IRC Channel
Live problem-solving and conversation with your fellow O3X users and developers #openzfs-macos.
Beyond Our Walls
How to get connect more broadly with users and developers of OpenZFS on other platforms.

Contact Us

Contact one of the admins by email.
Donations and other ways to contribute


@openzfsonosx on Twitter.