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Getting involved and contributing benefits not only the community member and their fellow O3X users, but all users of free and open source software.

This article describes how both new and experienced O3X users can contribute to the community. Note that this is not an exhaustive list.

Official OpenZFS on OS X projects[edit]

Post on the forums[edit]

One of the easiest ways to get involved is participating in the O3X Forums, which allow O3X users to get to know the community and help each other.

Improve this wiki[edit]

O3XWiki is collaboratively maintained O3X documentation. All users are encouraged to contribute.

Join the chatroom[edit]

You can help other users to solve problems in the IRC Channel.

Fix and report bugs[edit]

Reporting and fixing bugs on the bug tracker is one of the possible ways to help the community.

When reporting errors, please ensure that you include sufficient contextual information to assist with reproduction, diagnosis and resolution of the issue. At a minimum consider describing what you were doing, how repeatable the issue is, all text from the stack dump, what OSX version, and what O3X version you are running.

If you are experiencing panics, please turn keepsyms on ( This will make the stack dumps human readable, thereby improving our ability to diagnose.

If you are deadlocking O3X, please run the spindump command after O3X deadlocks and before the machine becomes unusable and post the resulting output. There is often a narrow window of time to do this. Spindump needs to run with elevated permissions using sudo. Normally only administrators can do this.

  #sudo spindump
  Sampling all processes for 10 seconds with 10 milliseconds of run time between samples
  Sampling completed, processing symbols...
  Spindump analysis written to file /tmp/spindump.txt

Copy the output file to an hfs filesystem and reboot.

For real time assistance please see us on IRC, there is usually someone online that can help (


Developers of all levels of experience and skill are encouraged to come talk about how they can contribute in the IRC Channel and on the OpenZFS on OS X Development forum.