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Running zfstests on Windows is a bit of a bastard child, as we do not have sudo (yet?).

  • Configure 3 disks with your VM, they should be about 15G ~ 20G each.
  • Install cygwin
    • With ksh
  • Run cygwin terminal As Administrator
  • Run or set these in your .bash_profile
set -o igncr

If you have the Installed version on your Windows, ie, with "C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenZFS on Windows" you will have to remove that path from the $PATH envvar, as the zfstest environment currently does not handle spaces.

$ cd ZFSin/ZFSin/zfs/tests
$ ./
$ ./configure

You may want to check that Makefile disks points to three available disks.

$ grep DISKS Makefile
        DISKS="$(shell for i in {1..3}; do \
        DISKS="/var/tmp/zfs_test-1 /var/tmp/zfs_test-2 /var/tmp/zfs_test-3" \

On my system PHYSICALDRIVE1, 2 and 3 are empty and available for testing. If your system is different, you may need to edit Makefile. (Or edit, and re-run configure).

If you want to make a reduced test run, you can here edit:

$ vi zfs-tests/runfiles/

(Or again, edit zfs-tests/runfiles/ and rerun ./configure)

To run the tester:

$ make test_hw

Complete output is placed in /var/tmp/test_results/$DATE/log