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Write for Macintosh users[edit]

OK, folks you are doing this for Mac users. Anything other than formD is not an option if you want to do anything useful with OSX. If someone needs something else, he will know where to find it.

Mount point[edit]

It would be nice to recommend setting the mount point at zpool creation time with the -m option to mount in the /Volumes folder as expected on OS X.

Response: /Volumes is supposed to be reserved for file systems mounted by Disk Arbitration, so this would be inappropriate.
Would probably be good to mention that in the docs--I think plenty of Mac admins do not understand that point, nor that the zfs filesystem will not be mounted through disk arbitration.


 sudo zpool create -f -o ashift=13 -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O normalization=formD -m /Volumes/$poolname $poolname mirror /dev/diskX /dev/diskY

Also, it sounds like ashift really should be 13 for most people.

The documentation should suggest a useful default value for Macintosh users. What is it about?


Shouldn't we also specify: -O xattr=sa

No, I tried it, and it's either not supported, or else not compatible in various ways with some combination of Yosemite/SMB/Finder. Regardless, it led to many hours and some frustrating troubleshooting.

Perpective of OS X users[edit]

Consider this from the viewpoint of an OS X user who comes to this page as a very first step in considering this file system because of wonderful sounding features such as snapshots and "scrub". Robustness? Heck yeah, that sounds great!

But Within a few seconds we're off to the races with "the four Unicode normalization forms", and marveling at the implications of "idempotent transformations" and "Hangul vowel or trailing conjoining jamos". And use an "ashift" of 12. Or maybe 13. Who knows? But choose wisely even though "ashift" is left undefined without so much as a hyperlink to help you with this immutable decision.

Your typical OS X user is suddenly a stranger in a strange land...