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  • Labels: Bug
  • Description: Spotlight currently never scans and if it learns anything, it forgets it right away after next unmount. Currently our conjecture is that it cannot work until we have ZFS file systems under disk arbitration's control and /dev/disk#s# nodes for each file system.
  • Status: Fixed
  • Milestone: Next release (the release following 1.3.0)
  • Issue:

Port ZFS Test Suite from upstream[edit]


Persistent configuration[edit]

/dev/disk#s# device nodes for each ZFS file system[edit]

  • Labels: Enhancement
  • Description: The use of the internal ZFS dataset names (e.g., foo/bar/hello) in lieu of actual device nodes (e.g., /dev/disk3s2s4) for the f_mntfromname has wreaked havoc in many domains. Unfortunately, this is a convention we inherited from upstream. In order to get a device node for every file system, we will need to write new IOKit code that creates proxy objects.
  • Status: Not started
  • Milestone: 1.3.x
  • Issue:

Disk arbitration control of ZFS file systems[edit]

  • Labels: Enhancement
  • Description: Allow OS X disk arbitration to recognize and automatically mount ZFS file systems and snapshots.
  • Status: Not started
  • Milestone: 1.3.x
  • Blocked by: /dev/disk#s# device nodes for each ZFS file system.

Handle disk renumbering[edit]

  • Labels: Enhancement
  • Description: ZFS needs to be able to recognize a device as happy and present even if it is unplugged, then replugged in and assigned a new disk#s# number by OS X. Currently ZFS will think the disk has gone away, and the pool has become degraded.
  • Status: Needs a design
  • Milestone: 1.4.x
  • Issue:
  • Blocked by: Implement the other 57% of vdev_disk.c.
  • Notes: No design decided on yet. ZEVO used the GPT partition UUIDs but this is a non-solution since file vdevs do not have partitions, and because Core Storage does not permit partitioning. It's worth noting that this exact same problem affects ZFS on Linux when the user is relying on /dev/sd[a-z] nodes, which can end up re-lettered when a drive is unplugged and replugged in. This is less of an issue for ZFS on Linux because they have alternate ways of specifying devices (e.g., /dev/disk/by-id) which are unavailable on OS X. We will probably need some sort of equivalent.



More notifications[edit]

  • Scrub completed
  • Unhealthy zpool status
  • Space consumed exceeds 80%
  • etc.