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OpenZFS on OS X brings OpenZFS features to Apple's OS X.

The installer release of OpenZFS on OS X is ready for use by people who are willing to learn to administer ZFS from the Terminal, or who already know how to do so. It's compatible with OS X 10.8 through macOS 10.12.

Support and documentation

Documentation is available on

Support is available on

To use the official release

Download the most recent installer and follow the instructions for installing the official release.

To begin testing the most recent build

Follow the instructions for installing from source.

Suggested focus areas for testers

  • Identifying integration issues with OS X.
  • Finding incompatibilities with 3rd party software.
  • Stress testing.
  • Security auditing.


Please remember that ZFS alone is not a substitute for a good backup strategy.

If you have ZEVO or MacZFS installed

  • you must uninstall that software and reboot before installing O3X (scripts for doing so are included with the O3X release download).
  • you must uninstall O3X if you choose to revert to ZEVO or MacZFS - an uninstaller script for O3X is also included with the release download.