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OpenZFS on OS X brings OpenZFS features to Apple's OS X.

The installer release of OpenZFS on OS X is ready for use by people who are willing to learn to administer ZFS from the Terminal, or who already know how to do so. It's compatible with OS X 10.8 through macOS 10.12.

Support and documentation[edit]

Documentation is available on

Support is available on

To use the official release[edit]

Download the most recent installer and follow the instructions for installing the official release.

To begin testing the most recent build[edit]

Follow the instructions for installing from source.

Suggested focus areas for testers[edit]

  • Identifying integration issues with OS X.
  • Finding incompatibilities with 3rd party software.
  • Stress testing.
  • Security auditing.


Please remember that ZFS alone is not a substitute for a good backup strategy.

If you have ZEVO or MacZFS installed

  • you must uninstall that software and reboot before installing O3X (scripts for doing so are included with the O3X release download).
  • you must uninstall O3X if you choose to revert to ZEVO or MacZFS - an uninstaller script for O3X is also included with the release download.