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(Q) Does Spotlight work?)
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===Q) Does Spotlight work? ===
===Q) Does Spotlight work? ===
'''A)''' Yes. Spotlight works on O3X 1.3.1+.
'''A)''' Yes. Spotlight works on O3X 1.3.1+.
===Q) But what will I do without Spotlight!===
'''A)''' [http://cocoatech.com/pathfinder/ Path Finder] ($39.95 from Cocoatech) works. Without using Spotlight, Path Finder can filter (non-recursively) within a given folder. Also, Path Finder's command+F searches recursively, can be be set to search directly (i.e., without using Spotlight), and can search multiple locations.

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Besides the questions covered below, you may find Documentation and OpenZFS on OS X helpful. Both articles contain a good deal of information about OpenZFS on OS X.


Q) What is OpenZFS on OS X?

A) See the article entitled OpenZFS on OS X.

Q) What does O3X mean?

A) O3X = O O O X = OpenZFS on OS X.

Q) What version of ZFS do you use?

A) OpenZFS. Pool version 5000. File system version 5. Pool version 5000 is pool version 28 plus support for feature flags. We support pool version 5000 and pool versions less than or equal to 28. We do not support the closed-source Oracle Solaris ZFS pool versions 29 and up.

Best practices

Q) Do I have to use mirrors or raidz?

A) Have to? No. Should you? Virtually always. ZFS will not be able to repair errors it finds unless you have redundancy at the vdev level.

Q) Can I set copies=2 in lieu of using mirrors or raidz?

Setting copies=2 is a poor substitute for vdev-level redundancy. Two copies on a broken drive are worthless. That being said, yes, you can set copies=2. Do so at your own risk.


Q) How can I access the .zfs snapshot directories?

A) You need to set snapdir visible and manually mount a snapshot.

$ sudo zfs set snapdir=visible tank/bob
$ sudo zfs mount tank/bob@yesterday
$ ls -l /tank/bob/.zfs/snapshot/yesterday/

Q) Is .zfs snapdir auto-mounting supported?

A) No, not at this time. You must manually "zfs mount" snapshots manually to see them in the snapdir.

Q) OK, I manually mounted my snapshot but still cannot see it in Finder. What gives?

A) Currently mounted snapshots are only visible from Terminal, not from Finder.

$ ls -l /tank/bob/.zfs/snapshot/yesterday/


Q) How do I create an O3X compatible pool on another OpenZFS platform?

A) Only enable feature flags supported by O3X, as discussed here.

Q) Can I import my ZEVO pools?

A) Yes. O3X can import pool version 28, which means it can import ZEVO pools.

Q) Can I import my MacZFS pools?

A) Yes. O3X can import pool version 8, which means it can import MacZFS pools.


Q) Can I boot my computer off of O3X?

A) No. O3X cannot be used as your main system partition.

Q) So if I use O3X, that means I don't need to back up, right?

A) Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Q) Does Spotlight work?

A) Yes. Spotlight works on O3X 1.3.1+.