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The OpenZFS on OS X project would like to thank the following companies:

GMO Internet [1] for the hosting and rack space

GlobalSign [2] for the Open Source free SSL certificate

OpenZFS [3] The main ZFS software collective


The best way to show your appreciation for the OpenZFS project is to donate to the upstream project at http://open-zfs.org

If you wish to donate specifically to the OS X project, you can do so with PayPal at japan@lundman.net. But be aware any donations will most likely be used on beer and pizza, and other OpenZFS conferences, possibly not on the feature you wish for. :)

Additional Thanks to Donors

Tommy Lätti
Daniel Bretoi
Luke Lorenz
Tommy Thorn
Tim Henrion 
John Parnaby
John Douglass
Daniel Pearson
John Wood
Raoul Callaghan
Josh Jordan
Ottmar Klaas
John Sullivan
Raoul Callaghan

and those who wished to remain anonymous!