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=== Additional Thanks to donators ===
=== Additional Thanks to Donors ===
  Tommy Lätti
  Tommy Lätti
  Daniel Bretoi
  Daniel Bretoi

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The OpenZFS on OS X project would like to thank the following companies:

GMO Internet [1] for the hosting and rack space

GlobalSign [2] for the Open Source free SSL certificate

OpenZFS [3] The main ZFS software collective


The best way to show your appreciation for the OpenZFS project is to donate to the upstream project at http://open-zfs.org

If you wish to donate specifically to the OS X project, you can do so with PayPal at japan@lundman.net. But be aware any donations will most likely be used on beer and pizza, and other OpenZFS conferences, possibly not on the feature you wish for. :)

Additional Thanks to Donors

Tommy Lätti
Daniel Bretoi