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O3XWiki strives to be a clear and comprehensive model of documentation, at least with respect to those aspects of the O3X implementation that are peculiar to OS X. In order to reach that goal, we need as many knowledgable contributors from the community as possible who have experience using O3X.

We ask that you take this task as seriously as you take protecting your own data. Always keep in mind that other users may follow your recommendations and instructions, so please note when something you write is experimental or potentially destructive of data.

Some topics that you might write about:

  • Best-practice backup procedures via rsync.
  • Best-practice backup procedures via snapshotting and zfs send/receive.
  • How you organize your datasets.
  • When to use ZVOLs vs. when to use sparsebundles.
  • Time Machine setup.
  • Restoring from a Time Machine backup that was stored on ZFS.
  • Any peculiarities you might notice when sharing over AFP, SMB2, or NFS.
  • Workarounds for third party software issues.
  • Alternatives to Spotlight that work well with O3X.
  • Things you think are important for other users to know.

Please add to this list if there is something you'd like others to consider writing about.

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