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  [[File:OpenZFS on OS X 1.2.0-2.dmg]]
  [[File:OpenZFS on OS X 1.2.0-2.dmg]]
[[Media:OpenZFS on OS X 1.2.0-2.dmg]]
=== Server version - Universal Installer ===
=== Server version - Universal Installer ===

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Desktop version - Universal Installer

For most users of Open ZFS. Share memory with kernel and follow Apple's memory API requirements.

File:OpenZFS on OS X 1.2.0-2.dmg
Media:OpenZFS on OS X 1.2.0-2.dmg

Server version - Universal Installer

For those with dedicated hardware to Open ZFS, and wish to go over the 1/8th memory limit in the kernel.

Download links go here.

Development build DMGs

Helping with development? Tracking down a bug, these are the latest builds


Building Open ZFS from Sources

Include ZeroBSD guide here?