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1.3.0.dmg 2014-05-??

  • create_thread( 75%*num_cpus ) would create literal 75 threads, instead of the intended (3 threads on quad core machine) (Jorgen Lundman)
  • VMEM allocate changed to use bmalloc (slice, SLAB, allocator on top of k_m_a) (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Add ZED (ZFS Event Daemon) to handle events (send alerts, emails) on pool issues.
  • name cache fixes (existing files claimed as missing, missing files claimed as existing) (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Change pool sync to remove 'idle' pool writes every 30s. (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Work around ZFS recv deadlock (ilovezfs)
  • vnop_pageout fixes for zerod blocks beyond EOF (POSIX) (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Add autoimport, zed startup scripts (ilovezfs)
  • ctldir (.zfs) fixes and cleanup (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Finder hardlinks fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Reclaim fixes, throttle and waiting on vp changes (Jorgen Lundman)
  • ZVOL upstream incompatibility fixes *1 (Evan Susarret)
  • ZFS rollback and promote fixes (ilovezfs)
  • Rework EFI label, and wholedisk detection, coldstorage (Jorgen Lundman, ilovezfs)

1.2.0.dmg 2014-03-13

  • First release