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==== Setup boot helper ====
==== Setup boot helper ====
Boot helper can be setup similar to the boot helper for [[ZFS on Boot]] with some differences.
Root UUID must be set to the Volume UUID of the zvol. You can retrieve this by:
# diskutil info diskN | grep "Volume UUID"
For a volume directly within a zvol, or
# diskutil info diskNsN | grep "Volume UUID"
For a zvol with a partition map.
Kernel Flags should contain "zfs_boot=poolname"
See [[Boot.plist]] for sample plist files.
See [[Boot.plist]] for sample plist files.
At this time zfs_boot=poolname/zvol or poolname/dataset/zvol will only import the zpool "poolname" and does not check or mount the zvol specified. Correctly setting Root UUID to match will inform the OS to locate the root volume.
In the future, it will be possible to specify a zvol by name, which will then be inspected for matching volume UUID and presented for mount. This would prevent any duplicate UUID clashes due to `zfs clone` copies. To do so will require an additional property zfs_root_uuid=<uuid>, or perhaps zfs_root_partition=N, so that the OS does not try to automatically load the first matching volume.

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