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1.3.0.dmg 2014-05-??

  • Merged with ZFSOnLinux pre-0.6.3 dated Apr 8 2014 (6ac770b1961b9468daf0c69eae6515c608535789)
  • create_thread( 75%*num_cpus ) would create literal 75 threads, instead of the intended 3 threads on quad core machine (Jorgen Lundman)
  • VMEM allocate changed to use bmalloc (slice, SLAB, allocator on top of k_m_a) (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Add ZED (ZFS Event Daemon) to handle events (send alerts, emails) on pool issues. (Chris Dunlap)
  • name cache fixes (existing files claimed as missing, missing files claimed as existing) (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Change pool sync to remove 'idle' pool writes every 30s. (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Work around ZFS recv deadlock (ilovezfs)
  • vnop_pageout fixes for zerod blocks beyond EOF (POSIX) (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Add autoimport, zed startup scripts (ilovezfs)
  • ctldir (.zfs) fixes and cleanup (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Finder hardlinks fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Reclaim fixes, throttle and waiting on vp changes (Jorgen Lundman)
  • ZVOL upstream incompatibility fixes (Evan Susarret) *1
  • ZFS rollback and promote fixes (ilovezfs)
  • Rework EFI label, and wholedisk detection, Core Storage (Jorgen Lundman, ilovezfs)

Which should result in greater stability, large performance enhancements, and finally capable of using more of the available memory.

The Installer no longer contain 32bit versions.

*1 Note that 1.2.0's ZFS Volumes are unintentionally incompatible with other platform version of ZFS, except for volblocksize = 512.

1.2.0.dmg 2014-03-13

  • First release