how can I spot actual hash collisions in dedup?

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how can I spot actual hash collisions in dedup?

Postby gec » Mon Apr 26, 2021 1:59 am

Hi you all,

I've been using ZFS on Mac since 2008 (yeah, time flies...) and I'd like to say
thank you to all the devs of OpenZFS on OS X who have kept things alive and
moving forward! 2.0 in particular looks like a great step change! :-)

Now my question: I have a large pool with dedup=skein,verify that I'd like to
move to a new location. Is there a way for me using zdb, kstat.zfs, or whatever
to see if I do have any hash collisions in my pool? Because ... transferring without
the ,verify part would save me a few days time, but I'd want to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers,

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