mds still seems to really dislike nested zfs (any?) mounts

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mds still seems to really dislike nested zfs (any?) mounts

Postby leeb » Thu Feb 25, 2021 2:38 pm

Just curious if it's a known issue, but been in the process of bringing an old MP5,1 from 10.12 to 10.14 for one last bit of service, a noticed that a behavior I'd seen previously in a different system is still there: logged into [user] with a home folder on zfs mounted at /Users/pool/[user], if another zfs volume is mounted within mds seems to go into some sort of infinite loop. Constantly pulls 150%+ CPU, spawns tons of helpers all churning away, memory grows and grows etc. Shifting all nested mounts to symbolic links seems to make everything happy so I haven't probed it any further like to see if nesting other volumes would do the same. Just kind of an interesting little errata. Would also be interested if it was the same in 10.15 or 11 or not, but 10.14 is the last officially supported release on the 5,1 and I'm not sure there is any reason to try dosdude's patcher right now.
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