Invariantdisk failing

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Invariantdisk failing

Postby scasady » Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:30 pm

I replaced some 1T disks with 3T disk using zpool replace in a raidz2 vdev. Some of them now have a partition table of just one partition.
from diskutil list
/dev/disk14 (external, physical):
0: big *3.0 TB disk14
Invariantdisk does not produce a by-id link for this disk and so importing will fail using -d /var/run/disk/by-id reporting missing and/or corrupted disks.

How do I repartition this (and three others) safely and without taking a week or so.

More information.
I replaced hard drive with new unpartitioned drives assuming zfs would partition them.
They all succeeded and worked but some of them (4 of 7) were not properly partitioned for use with InvariantDisks and some gpt software did not see any partitions at all. This resulted in the disks being ignored by InvariantDisks so not found at startup.
Partitioned disks with gdisk with three partitions and did another round of zpool replace. All good now.

Qustions for developers, why drives not properly partitioned, why no error from InvariantDisks, why old data used win trying to import.
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