Sharing same ZFS pool between OSX, Windows and Linux

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Sharing same ZFS pool between OSX, Windows and Linux

Postby Albertdup » Sat May 09, 2020 7:17 pm

Hi everyone

I plan to transition all my data to ZFS raidz. I use Linux Mac and Windows 10 on the same machine and need to access this data on the same machine. Currently, it's been a nightmare as there is no file system apart from ZFS( I hope it works) that can access software raids from all operating systems. I currently have a software HFS+ RAID that I can access in Windows 10 with Macdrive 10 software, I can however not access it in Linux. I have to use a separate non-raid HDD formated as EXT4 to be accessible in all three operating systems. Again using drivers to make it possible for Windows and Mac to read and write to the EXT4 filesystem.

Operating Systems

Linux : Ubuntu 20.04, Version: zfs-0.8.3-1ubuntu12 zfs-kmod-0.8.3-1ubuntu12 (Using ZFS from the Ubuntu repo)
Mac : Catalina 10.15.2, Using OpenZFS, Version: zfs-1.9.4-0 zfs-kmod-1.9.4-0
Windows : Windows 10 Pro, Version: zfs-0.2.3-1 zfs-kmod-0.2.3-1

I have an external enclosure with 2x 1TB hard disk drives using USB3 or Thunderbolt that I can test with. The drives are empty. I have been able to create a ZFS pool in Linux using a unique id:

sudo zpool create -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O compression=lz4 -O atime=off -o ashift=12 raid2tbzsf ata-ST31000525SV_6VP2VP7W ata-ST31000525SV_6VP2VZAT

I used the "ls -lh /dev/disk/by-id/" command to get the unique id. My reasoning being that drive numbers change from OS to OS.

I am able to write to the mount point and the performance seems fine for raid 0, once I get everything sorted I will create a 6 Drive RAIDZ pool. I am however unable to mount the pool in Windows or Mac os.

I did a "sudo zpool export raid2tbzsf" before attempting to mount it in the other os.

When I try to import the pool in Windows command prompt started as Administrator. I get an error

zpool import
no pools available to import

zfs list
no datasets available

zpool status
no pools available

I have installed ZetaWatch on the Mac and when it detects the pool created in Linux it says "error importing pool raid2tbzsf cannot import 'raid2tbzsf' (unsupported version or wrong feature).

Any idea how I can make this work? I have these drives to test with so not concerned about data loss.



After some thinking, I wondered considering that Windows ZFS seems like the least feature-complete version I should rather create the pool in Windows. I destroyed the pool created in Ubuntu and created a new one in Windows. I can now read the pool in Windows, Mac and Linux, I still need to figure out permissions between Linux and Mac OSX, I don't want to chown the whole time. Files and folders created in Windows can be changed and accessed by both operating systems.

Thanks for your great work developers, this is going to make life so much easier.

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Re: Sharing same ZFS pool between OSX, Windows and Linux

Postby Albertdup » Mon May 11, 2020 12:54 am

So I had my first Windows Blue screen pointing to ZFSIN.SYS happened when I was doing a zpool export to reboot the system.
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