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Re: OpenZFS woes on Mac Pro

Postby Sharko » Mon Feb 03, 2020 9:12 pm

Just to clarify a few things... you're on Catalina, correct? I assume that is required by the new Mac Pro.

This is a transfer from a file in the APFS file system into a ZFS filesystem, correct?

And when you say stuck, how stuck? Does the file transfer simply not complete, but the rest of the system is still responsive (can you switch applications, check email, browse the web while the transfer is stuck)? Or is it really wedged, with a spinning beach ball that never goes away and never lets you do anything else with your system until you force a hard shutdown with the power switch? What does Activity Monitor show in the CPU tab while it is stuck?

Have you tried running a 'sudo zpool scrub tank' ? Just wondering if there is something corrupt in the pool, and it only encounters it occasionally.

If it is of the completely-stuck-and-I-cant-do-anything variety, then spindump probably would be useful to look at (though you would probably have to ssh into your mac to get the information). If it is of the file-copy-wont-complete-but-system-still-sorta-works variety then finding something useful in the spindump may be difficult, since there will be a lot of normal operating system chatter in the report.
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