Asking for a favour (support)

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Asking for a favour (support)

Postby Markospokus » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:32 am


I'd like to make request, can somebody write a useful tutorial explaining how to setup a bootable system on ZFS? There's wiki on OpenZFSOnOSX but it's outdated and slightly guesswork at times and I'd be looking for a nicer one for newcomers to OpenZFSOnOSX. Because of installing it on an Apple's laptop it should be focused on getting the most performance out of the installation - as simple setup as possible, no mirroring, probably one pool, one dataset, yet with most features, using a bit more memory if needed but being fast. There should be 2 cases considered: a) Installing a fresh system on ZFS, b) Moving existing system to ZFS. And the case of using File Vault, can I have it on ZFS and how to set it up/move installation that has File Vault to ZFS if so.

Also to consider:
- can I use File Vault or is ZFS encryption better?
- what ashift to use on SSD, 12 or 13?
- what's the difference between aes-128-ccm and aes-128-gcm?

I'll make good use of this tuto for sure but it'll be very useful for many others out there as well. I'm skilled in using computers and I know how to use terminal (from GNU and macOS too) but I don't know in detail about ZFS and some specific commands.

Muchas gracias
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Re: Asking for a favour (support)

Postby nodarkthings » Sun Nov 17, 2019 2:22 am

It would also be interesting to have reports of existing zfs boot users, for knowing the benefits of it: is it faster, slower or just for the sake of experimentation? How many people are booting zfs? Are there issues? etc.
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Re: Asking for a favour (support)

Postby lundman » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:19 pm

I should mention I went through and updated the guide when I tested it with Catalina.
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