finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from linux

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finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from linux

Postby gregthegeek » Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:16 pm

For fun I'm playing with a shared pool between Linux and Mac where I would like to zfs send a Linux Postgresql db to the Mac zfs disk. I ran this over the network from linux, and with USB, but the pool resides on Mac. I'd love to get incremental snapshots sent,but I can't even browse the initial send data. What I'm seeing is the fs name overlayed on top of the folder names on Mac. It might show for a split second in Finder but then swap immediately to the fs name and no file show below.

Here's an example. I've sent from linux native zfs pool to a usb attached mac pool:
source: netp1/DATA/data-1/pgsql@ready-move-brinstar-0
dest (mac pool) : boyon/psql

Sending worked normally...
exported, attached to mac, import...
I set a mountpoint in boyon/psql to /Volumes/psql
in terminal listing the mount works, after setting perms. I can see all the way into the postgres data.
/Volumes/psql/10/data ... (mount different, but same structure on linux, as expected)

In finder: I see this in /Volumes:
> psql
> psql
> psql

And each one of those has the zfs icon like its a disk.

I just looked and this is also an issue on viewing files under any Linux created structure, even after setting perm/owners.

I'm running 1.8.2 and Majave. Just checked on a High Sierra system, but it has 1.8.2 now, and doing same thing. If it helps, I can try downgrading the HS system? I don't remember this being an issue before. I could swear I was able to pull data off the disk from either source that created it. Normally I have separate sections/filesytems on the pool for each system. In this case though, I'm trying to sync the data so mac can use it.
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Re: finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from lin

Postby Sharko » Mon Apr 01, 2019 11:34 am

Do you have set on the Mac pool (boyon/psql)? Other than that, I'm thinking that some feature or features on the linux-generated pool aren't supported on the Mac yet. What version of zfs is in play on the linux side?

I guess another thing you could try would be to do a zfs send on the linux side, with a zfs receive (and store to external disk) on the Mac side, through ssh.
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Re: finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from lin

Postby lundman » Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:44 pm

Do they all end with the same name? path1/pqsl, path2/pqsl ? Finder does not like that
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Re: finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from lin

Postby gregthegeek » Tue Apr 02, 2019 12:25 pm

Yeah, I have ZoL 0.7.13, but it was a pool created on Mac with 1.8.2, then opened on LInux to copy files, then brought back to Mac.

The folder names are all correct on linux, and on terminal in Mac, no duplicate names. Its when they open on Mac again Finder is showing only that dataset name on each of the subfolders.

Also, is set.

I'll do some individual tests later with dedicated disks and report back.
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Re: finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from lin

Postby gregthegeek » Sat Apr 06, 2019 7:19 pm

Update on tests. I created a new pool on Mac. Setup datasets with properties. Then took to linux and created a new dataset for linux called FuneLinuxData without any properties (can't anyway, invalid on LInux), then added files and folders. I also added files and folders to the Mac specific datasets from Linux.

After taking back to Mac, the files and folders in Finder are ok in the Mac datasets. However, it was the dataset created for LInux that had the folder renaming. I attached a screenshot. In that there should be a file called F21.png, but instead shows the ZFS disk icon and name FuneLinuxData. Also, this happens on 1.7.4 on Mojave too.

This isn't really a big problem for me. I don't normally transfer my disks like this. I'm just trying to note the weirdness. I can get by without using zfs linux data, will just have to rsync where needed instead of send/recv.
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Re: finder naming overlay issue received filesystem from lin

Postby sam81 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:58 pm

I'm having what I think is the same issue on my pool. This pool was created in Linux. Through the terminal on macOS High Sierra I can browse and access all four datasets in this pool fine. However, in Finder two of them work fine, while with the other two weird issues like the ones described above occurr. For example one of the datasets is called "work", and has a subfolder called "auditory". When I open the datasets sometimes I get a disk icon with "work", and sometimes I get a folder icon with "auditory", but even in the latter case I can't access the folders inside the "auditory" folder. When I click on it I get again an icon with "auditory", and clicking a few times I get back to the "work" icon with the disk folder. There's some kind of weird recursion going on. This is what I get when I expand the contents in the details view:

work.png (67.61 KiB) Viewed 1534 times

The datasets that are working and those that are not working have exactly the same zfs properties. The ones that are working were created before, in 2017, while the ones that are not working were created in 2019. Probably I should open a bug on github, but I wanted to check is anyone has any idea of what may be going on. I have installed the latest version of openZFS (1.9.2).
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