How to configure a TRULY cross-platform ZFS

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Re: How to configure a TRULY cross-platform ZFS

Postby lundman » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:29 pm

Yes, the feature_flag differences are very frustrating, I've been taken by them in the past as well.

This is why, the major focus at the moment is to fix this. Here they are outlined: ... edit#gid=0

tracking the status as we work on bringing in parity.

Then we are working on making ZFS have one repository, with each OS as part of it. There are
huge changes to the ZOL repository, merging in FreeBSD right now, and at the pace they are going
it will be there soon. Once they are done, I will merge OsX into it as well. Suddenly, new feature_flags
will be available to all at the same time.

It is a lot of work, and other development has slowed down because of it, but I'd like to
believe it will be a good thing.
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Re: How to configure a TRULY cross-platform ZFS

Postby Sharko » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:57 pm

For what it is worth, I did a comparison of 'zpool upgrade -v' on my FreeNAS 11.2 U6 box and my zfs 1.9.2 installation, using BBEdit's 'Find differences' capability; what it said was that zfs 1.9.2 was completely a superset of the features in FreeNAS. The added features in zfs 1.9.2 were:


To me this implies that if I create a pool on FreeNAS it should be readable on OpenZFS on OS X ver 1.9.2; I'm about to try this out, as part of a larger project to get zxfer working between the two computers.
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Re: How to configure a TRULY cross-platform ZFS

Postby Sigmoid » Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:46 pm

Great job looking at this guys, thanks. :)

It has happened that on the dawn of 20 bloody 20, the only modern file system with proper support on both Linux and Mac OS is ZFS. When moving 50 Gigabyte media files, using silly shit like exFAT or FAT32 is no longer feasible. The Mac OS ecosystem has nothing beyond experimental support for ext4 (including a $40 package that reportedly ruins ext4 volumes far too often), and as far as I know no support for BtrFS, while the Linux ecosystem has nothing beyond experimental support for APFS...

It's like how English was never meant to be a lingua franca, it was just thrust upon it... Nobody ever thought ZFS would be a good match for cross-platform removables, but hey, if there's only ONE choice, then it's automatically the right choice. Honestly, network sharing is a pain in the rear, so I'm going to set up some external ZFS drives as a sharing medium, using the great info you uncovered. I'll make sure to share my experiences. :)
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