L2ARC question...

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L2ARC question...

Postby tangles » Wed Jun 27, 2018 1:58 am

So we all now know that there’s some funky issue going on with ARC causing a slow down…

I wonder if:
If I set sudo sysctl -w kstat.zfs.darwin.tunable.zfs_arc_max=1024000 (~1Gb)

and then add a L2ARC device such as an M.2 card via a PCI slot.

will the ARC data as it gets ejected out of the ARC and pushed onto the L2ARC help negate the issue we’re experiencing atm?

In other words, I wonder if the bug/issue exists in the L2ARC as well...

I loaned out my 2012 MacPro so cant easily test right now… anyone willing?
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