OSX 10.10.1 - Open Image (.cdr) Changes After 1.6.1

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Re: OSX 10.10.1 - Open Image (.cdr) Changes After 1.6.1

Postby Jimserac » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:52 am

Wow ! You've got a real mystery there of damned Sherlockian proportions.

Won't boot. Hmmmmm.

Come to think of it, All of my pools were created in 1.5.2 and now that I've upgraded to 1.6.1, I just import them.

I found Apple's own "Time Machine" to be rather pathetic, almost worthless, so never used it.

Hope you find it.

For various reasons I'm never going to upgrade this particularcomputer to anything beyond Yosemite.
But I have High Sierra on a Mac and will out the latest release on that.

Thanks again,
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