Hide ZVOLs from Finder?

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Hide ZVOLs from Finder?

Postby romanaOne » Mon Aug 08, 2016 12:34 pm

I am using ZVOLs (one formatted ext4, one formatted fat32) to run host OSes in VirtualBox in Linux. My Macbook dual boots Linux

Here's a quite guide on how to do it:
http://schlueters.de/blog/archives/137- ... alBox.html

When I boot OS X, can I stop the Finder from trying to mount the ZVOLs at OS X startup?
I want it to mount the Docs, Downloads, and Games datasets, but leave the ZVOLs alone.

(miketank/win98 mounts, miketank/antergos doesn't mount and gives the "Do you want to initialize?" dialog.)

Code: Select all
> zfs list
miketank             271G   179G   171G  /Volumes/miketank
miketank/Documents  5.25G   179G  5.25G  /Volumes/miketank/Documents
miketank/Downloads  5.30G   179G  5.14G  /Volumes/miketank/Downloads
miketank/Games      70.6G   179G  70.6G  /Volumes/miketank/Games
miketank/antergos   18.1G   188G  6.61G  -
miketank/win98       620M   179G   545M  -
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