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Postby haer22 » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:44 am

What tools are you using to maintain your pools?

I have 2 pools @ 24TB each. One is the front end and the other one is the backup. Clients access the frontend which is optimized for performance (2 raidz1 vdevs). On the backup (1 raidz2 vdev) I have compression and dedup (probably not optimal but the geek in me wanted to try it).

I use zfsnap.sh to create and destroy snapshot in a TimeMachine fashion.
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1,31 * * * *   $ZFSNAP snapshot -v -r -z -a 3d zeus      >> $out 2>&1
2 0 * * *      $ZFSNAP snapshot -v -r -z -a 3w zeus      >> $out 2>&1
3 0 * * Mon    $ZFSNAP snapshot -v -r -z -a 2m zeus      >> $out 2>&1
4 0 1 * *      $ZFSNAP snapshot -v -r -z -a 1y zeus      >> $out 2>&1
# ZFS cleanups
20,50 */1 * * *   $ZFSNAP    destroy -v -r zeus          >>$out 2>&1

and to keep my backup-pool (hera) in synk with the front pool (zeus) I use zxfer
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5,35 * * * *   $ZXFER -dFvR zeus hera   >>$out 2>&1

They work fine but are old (found them somewhere on the net quite a while ago) so I guess there ought to be some new modern stuff out there.

What are you using to keep your zfs-life trouble-free?
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