Syba SD-ADA40085 Dual mSata Mirror with 850 Samsung Evo

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Syba SD-ADA40085 Dual mSata Mirror with 850 Samsung Evo

Postby luminousdolphin » Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:49 am

Had two crashes when attempting to set this up.

After creating the mirrored pool I began data transfer and the whole thing hung- osx became unresponsive.

Upon looking deeper it says compatible with only Intel-Type mSata cards... unsure as to the difference between those and my drive.

Syba model # SD-ADA40085. It's running in JBOD (no onboard raid).

Curious if anyone is using a dual mSata mirror for a mobile solution and if so what hardware they use?

Also, connection via the sata port to a usb controller, as opposed to the onboard USB port, only shows one drive. Wondering why this is as well and if I'll run into this with another enclosure.

I will also post the panics when I get back to that machine.
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