Where are we at codewise for automounting snapshot datasets?

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Where are we at codewise for automounting snapshot datasets?

Postby kingneutron » Sat Mar 16, 2019 6:20 pm

--I ran into this today trying to restore a virtualbox VM on ZFS that suddenly started failing to boot, wondering WTF is going on with my ZFS snapshots - they appear to be empty when you cd to them... But listing the snapshots says they are taking up space.

--Lucky for me, I checked the docs:
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--As of 2019.0316, zfs for osx v1.8.2:

How can I access the .zfs snapshot directories?
A) You need to set snapdir visible and manually mount a snapshot.

$ sudo zfs set snapdir=visible tank/bob
$ sudo zfs mount tank/bob@yesterday
$ ls -l /tank/bob/.zfs/snapshot/yesterday/
You can see existing snapshots via:

$ zfs list -t snapshot
Q) Is .zfs snapdir auto-mounting supported?
A) No, not at this time. You must manually "zfs mount" snapshots manually to see them in the snapdir.

Q) OK, I manually mounted my snapshot but still cannot see it in Finder. What gives?
A) Currently mounted snapshots are only visible from Terminal, not from Finder.

--Is there O3X development going on to get the ZFS snapshots automounted when they are accessed? Wrote a couple of helper scripts and they work with midnight commander (terminal/text mode), but it's a bit of a pain. I'm currently using El Capitan 10.11 but hoping to upgrade to High Sierra when my new(used) iMac arrives... TIA
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