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stalling/copying failed in dec 18 master

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:04 am
by e8wwv
Something odd in the dec 18 master--copy operations are failing, sometimes leaving empty "files" of the correct size in the target folder but the folder sizes don't match. Finder copy window self-closes.

dec 18 master - repeated short stall for 10-15 seconds, long stall, finder copy window self closes

dec 18 master - higher top speed with spiking/stalling vs 1.8.1(1.8.2) - lower speed with no stalls

This is really bizarre as I tested the dec 20 master for 24 hours before this issue appeared. It seemed fast and stable.

streaming 1080p blu ray
5 hours of blu ray streaming smooth under dec 18 master

spiking begins under dec 18 master and continues after downgrading to 1.8.2