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latest development

Postby macz » Wed Jul 13, 2016 10:17 am

so an honest question...

what has been going on development wise... is it that the project is that stable and no new features to incorporate ..

its been real quiet here of late.....

thanks to all for all the hard work...

also .. anyone taken a look at the sierra public beta yet or the new file system code... what is the zfs survival perctages looking like?
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Re: latest development

Postby Brendon » Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:49 pm

The software is quite stable, and we are not feeling pressure to rush out releases. Development and alignment with the Illumos OpenZFS is still occurring, feel free to browse the source code repository if you wish to research these changes. People are working on features and integration issues that interest them. Some will be short term releasable, others not so much.

It does work on MacOS, although not perfectly. MacOS is not in a state where we can investigate/fix the issues at this time.

- Brendon
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Re: latest development

Postby lundman » Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:08 pm

Yep, I check OpenZFS repo for new commits every day, but there has been none lately, most likely as we are heading towards OpenZFS dev summit. I will most likely have to stop following ZOL as upstream, as they have started diverging even more now - and eventually, they will push to OpenZFS when ready anyway and we get it that way.

Since it is stable (from a cmdline usage POV) there hasn't been much to do, which is why we did the push toward booting on ZFS. That is getting close to ready, but we don't expect regular users using that, but it is helping towards better integration with OSX GUI.
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Re: latest development

Postby xbytor » Thu Jul 14, 2016 5:01 am

there hasn't been much to do

Has issue 116 been taken care of? I've been putting of upgrading o3x and OSX until that gets locked down.
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Re: latest development

Postby macz » Thu Jul 14, 2016 6:53 am

pretty much what I thought.. that looking at the openzfs features between operating systems we are pretty much on paridy with the large feature flags etc...

I agree with the comment of the 116 issue.. having moved from 10.6 and apples 10a286 (not google zfs) that had good integration at the file system level... I REALLY miss being able to mangage users, permissions, ACL etc from OSX server... and now that I am running 10.11 with openzfs on the old pools that wont upgrade properly to boot.. I have had to abandon OS X Server since withough the gui control over file sharing permisions its basically useless for me since I am not a command line guru to manage it that way.

basically just using it to serve media to plex right now.. which is a shame

this server is really old right now running a e8400 and with all the problems with the older pools picked up a new server with a dual l5640 on a intel s5520hc board but the conroller is a lsi 9212 and wont play nice with mac...

so I am wandering aimlessly trying to figure out a way to make the things work the way I want probably having to use ESXI with napp-it/freenas as all in one with storage.

problem is that SMB is ok on either napp-it or freenas but resharing or making zvols or something available to OSX server for those services that really need a HFS+ format is boggling me...

probably just when I get something working sierra will be out and fuck everything again!!

keep up the great work guys..
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