zfs-macOS-2.1.0 release

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zfs-macOS-2.1.0 release

Postby lundman » Fri Aug 20, 2021 8:20 pm

Announcing the release on zfs-macOS-2.1.0 it is fairly close to upstream OpenZFS-2.1.0.

Changes since zfs-macOS-2.0.1
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* Add missing cmd zsysctl
* Add missing cmd mount_zfs
* Attempt to reduce scrub stack usage (panic with dsl_scan_visitbp)
* taskq_cancel_id() fixes (panic vdev_deadman, spa_update)
* purgevfs can deadlock
* xattr re-implementation from Linux. Affects going from "on" to "sa" and back.
* Handle zpool-in-zvol, would deadlock.
* kextunload block/leak fix
* Long filenames would panic
* Many fixes with automount snapshots.
* dirlink count to match upstream. (count dir, and dir+files)
* Fix libcurl.4.dylib use for encryption file location
* Fix linkid with lookup for Finder
* send/recv fixes
* autoimport fix
* zfs_resume_fs fix (zfs recv -F)
* zvol_replay panic fix
* zvol rename could sometimes be left "busy"
* split stacks - detect low stack space, and work around it
* Sub-PAGESIZE abd work, performance
* zvol IO can overflow the stack (M1)
* encrypted zvol clones did not get /dev/diskX
* zfs_replay could panic with NULL kcred
* update undo of decmpfs

Those running an earlier rc release on M1/arm64, use trigger-panic-medic to unload first.

What do you get when you combine a rhetorical question and a joke?


MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Mavericks-10.9.pkg) = 9bf430adacf391ee5dba8600e98eeefe
(13.37 MiB) Downloaded 762 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Yosemite-10.10.pkg) = 301c6438fd9a8e0953217b7b71b6924e
(14.66 MiB) Downloaded 415 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-El.Capitan-10.11.pkg) = 68abbb11468c6ad1b84ef65e59188cc1
(15.3 MiB) Downloaded 509 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Sierra-10.12.pkg) = 72764416100939456c97d7449be69003
(14.89 MiB) Downloaded 498 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-High.Sierra-10.13.pkg) = 7da11f79bd6c1dc5a8eaa3d5c120aea5
(15.38 MiB) Downloaded 946 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Mojave-10.14.pkg) = 866b0be0c33e9c6cdf0a8cce90e90b32
(14.89 MiB) Downloaded 1085 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Catalina-10.15.pkg) = c5925e4a362ac3e9a0c403472ea5dd6b
(15.89 MiB) Downloaded 2019 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Big.Sur-11.pkg) = 80bee1c01362372ea3a803fdac56bfaa
(16.38 MiB) Downloaded 5857 times

MD5 (OpenZFSonOsX-2.1.0-Big.Sur-11-arm64.pkg) = 1a72698d035d05d777c44e4cc734a952
(17.03 MiB) Downloaded 3245 times
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