zfs-macOS-2.1.0rc2 release

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zfs-macOS-2.1.0rc2 release

Postby lundman » Wed Jul 14, 2021 2:35 am

Testing rc2 of 2.1
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* autoimport fix
* zfs_resume_fs fix (zfs recv -F)
* zvol_replay panic fix

MD5 107dde6ad2089d5646ed6d0fa7e26be3
sha256 38e82456f3c2dc0ff2db65fce56b0473e7183f96023a1f5d7ab8530fd0a90ed7
(17.06 MiB) Downloaded 227 times

MD5 27c5035be2aa1fcb1fce596bd9a9c57b
sha256 204adbe293006106ea89a27024cb97d9e5438c972bd8e749feff9df455138fe2
(16.47 MiB) Downloaded 325 times

MD5 70c5e4c153b1e685ce3f407bfe2c504a
sha256 34e1d91e02e908b9b4c7d1f6a0936c3660f6f59367d18eb445a9bbbbd5f9e506
(15.98 MiB) Downloaded 232 times
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