zfs-macOS-2.1.0rc1 release

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zfs-macOS-2.1.0rc1 release

Postby lundman » Mon Jun 28, 2021 5:43 pm

We are working on the next zfs-macOS-2.1.x version and offer "rc1" to the users who can test it.

OpenZFSonOsX-2.0.1 release went fairly well, but there is a long list of fixes and new features:

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* Add missing cmd zsysctl
* Add missing cmd mount_zfs
* Attempt to reduce scrub stack usage (panic with dsl_scan_visitbp)
* taskq_cancel_id() fixes (panic vdev_deadman, spa_update)
* purgevfs can deadlock
* xattr re-implementation from Linux. Affects going from "on" to "sa" and back.
* Handle zpool-in-zvol, would deadlock.
* kextunload block/leak fix
* Long filenames would panic
* Many fixes with automount snapshots.
* dirlink count to match upstream. (count dir, and dir+files)
* Fix libcurl.4.dylib use for encryption file location
* Fix linkid with lookup for Finder
* send/recv fixes

(15.98 MiB) Downloaded 233 times

MD5 c85930bb20f84cbea06ce4aa1f7c0d16
SHA256 d2dc2a02bff0e29a39f10326ede3b13fb452ba6b2ec643b8c6a6492070508fcc

(16.47 MiB) Downloaded 252 times

MD5 6ef95a0344f765364a8dccb54f353691
SHA256 d1110408cfd26193bb74979e3d9c5668bb39d6e8e1cb6dc29a8a039d384ff657

(17.06 MiB) Downloaded 224 times

MD5 6846f3a71fcd711f519505301f92ba39
SHA256 56e0945b66c976db67d552c14bc3827311ce6baee637b4b5772a04084a7d655f
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