zfs-macOS-2.0.1 release

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zfs-macOS-2.0.1 release

Postby lundman » Wed May 26, 2021 2:31 am

Announcing the release of the macOS port of OpenZFS version zfs-macOS-2.0.1.
Expected support of 10.10 to 11.x, intel and arm64.
(But I'll compile 10.9 as it is frequently requested).

This is the new port (loosely) based off upstream OpenZFS-2.0.0! It brings up zpool features
to be level with Linux and FreeBSD 2.0.0, and is the starting point of the PR to bring
macOS support into the upstream OpenZFS repository.

We no longer can use "tricks" in the XNU kernel to get access to richer features, some
areas have considerable work-around code.

The last release was 1.9.4, so there is a considerable list of changes.

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* zfs send / zfs recv rewritten to use pipes.
* mimic changes (use "com.apple.mimic=hfs" instead of "on/off".)
* automatic mounting of snapshots
* zstd compression
* user/group object quotas
* device_rebuild
* draid vdev-type

Those running an earlier rc release on M1/arm64, use trigger-panic-medic to unload first.

Past, present, and future walked into a bar.... It was tense.

(17.52 MiB) Downloaded 752 times

(16.81 MiB) Downloaded 1738 times

(16.27 MiB) Downloaded 1585 times

(15.27 MiB) Downloaded 744 times

(15.82 MiB) Downloaded 500 times

(15.19 MiB) Downloaded 358 times

(15.6 MiB) Downloaded 375 times

(15 MiB) Downloaded 334 times

(13.4 MiB) Downloaded 340 times
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