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Postby lundman » Sun May 16, 2021 4:32 pm

Sorry for the delay everyone, there were some hard nuts to crack this time around.

But there is so much gold in this release.


* fix invariant disk import paths
* handle long mount paths
* abd memory leak, raidz leaks
* xattr_list memory leak
* add taskq_delay_dispatch (deadman watchdog)
* correct hz to be (an actual) second
* fix zfs send and recv
* fix mimic
* fix mutex leak in snapshot unmount
* fix volume icon
* fix notarize

(16.27 MiB) Downloaded 242 times

If you are running an earlier RC on BigSur, you may need to use Recovery Boot
and trigger-panic-medic to avoid the unload panic.

(16.81 MiB) Downloaded 296 times

(15.65 MiB) Downloaded 228 times

(13.39 MiB) Downloaded 213 times

New build to fix the "zfs send" issue. Unloading previous kext will panic, so
recommend using trigger-panic-media procedure to uninstall before installing,

2nd Update. Unload panic fixed. But you'll have to trigger-panic-medic one
more time to install this one:

(19.09 MiB) Downloaded 191 times
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Re: macos-2.0.0-rc7

Postby lundman » Mon May 17, 2021 9:55 pm

Known Issues:

* Leaking fd in unmount -a, so it will say "cannot unmount '$dataset': unmount failed" after a few unmount has happened (in same process).
You can just run "unmount -a" again. Fixed in ... abb68256f5
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