OpenZFS-2.0-arm64 (M1)

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OpenZFS-2.0-arm64 (M1)

Postby lundman » Fri Mar 26, 2021 10:01 pm

There is a very fresh port of OpenZFS for the M1/arm64. It is mostly as a
early test build as it has some drawbacks. It is not ready for prime-time.

* No memory pressure sensor, so it might just eat memory until jettison
* kextunload (re-install) will panic, see unload instructions below
* No setjmp, so no lua timeout
* Weird "Eject media before disconnect" message with exporting.

To uninstall:

Reboot into Options (hold power-button until boot Options come up)
* Start Terminal (from Recovery Boot)
* Run "kmtuil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root /Volumes/Macintosh HD" <- Use name of your HDD here.
* reboot

After that, you can optionally also delete "/usr/local/zfs/" directory.

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