1.9.3 New Stable Release!

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1.9.3 New Stable Release!

Postby lundman » Tue Oct 29, 2019 5:39 pm

OpenZFS_on_OS_X_1.9.3.dmg 2019-10-30

file size: 73400320
md5: fde38f969cb19e9c98b1c4a9cd197821
sha256: 926e7c17d9b798dc176d4927083c921a8b7ef32952f90a40d26391c1ecdcb6bd

Get it here:

New since 1.9.2
Code: Select all
Catalina fixes (decmpfs corrections)
Disable use of volume icons
ZFS Boot fixes

Notarize can sometimes give installation error "kextcache code=71". Reason is unknown, but install completes successfully.

1.9.2 release was the officially the last release for 10.10.

Clicking "Allow" button to load the KEXT on 10.13 can't be done over remote connections (VNC), but must
be done on local console.

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