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OpenZFS on OsX 1.9.0 RC3

PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:58 pm
by lundman
We are now testing a Release Candidate for 1.9.0.

For those of you who run Mojave and can test. In particular, we want to make sure the boot-panics some people experienced with 1.8.2 are gone.

This is also the first release to be notarized by Apple.

Please hold back on upgrading the pool, so that you can go back to an older version should you have issues.

(8.54 MiB) Downloaded 373 times

(8.54 MiB) Downloaded 328 times

(8.54 MiB) Downloaded 333 times

(8.52 MiB) Downloaded 425 times

Other changes include: ... .3F-.3F.3F

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    zpool sync command, remove system sync, for performance.
    Sequential scrub and resilvers
    Multi-modifier protection (MMP)
    Disable 'zfs remap' command
    Pool allocation classes
    Implement large_dnode pool feature
    zfs initialize disk feature
    Add UNMAP/TRIM functionality
    zpool split fixes.
    Random unmount failures fix
    async zget
    RAW send fixes
    Memory leak fixes (acl, chmod, xattr)
    Add -o/-x to send properties
    Allow -o feature=disabled on zpool create
    defer resilver

If you get stuck in a boot-panic loop:

Re: Mojave 1.9.0 RC3

PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 1:56 am
by lundman
Posting rc3 - minor fixes