1.8.1 New Stable Release!

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1.8.1 New Stable Release!

Postby lundman » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:31 pm

1.8.1 New Stable Release!

OpenZFS_on_OS_X_1.8.1.dmg 2018-10-18

file size : 62914560 bytes
md5 : e049dffde67167d9dd8f1b8648e6c6f5
sha256 : 6faebbb38ff46ff3ac250ddbfc5f1f69cd2b7cd494bec1c3f43e4107da6801fa

Get it here: https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Downloads#1.8.1

New since 1.7.2:

Fix Mojave boot (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
Feature: Channel Programs (OpenZFS Team)
Fix encryption + cache bug (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
Raw receive fixes (ZFSonLinux Team)
Device Removal feature (OpenZFS Team)
Assembler sha/aes use (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
Storage Initialise feature (OpenZFS Team)
Spaceman V2 feature (OpenZFS Team)
Creation of pseudo /dev/diskX for mounts (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
7614 zfs device evacuation/removal (OpenZFS Team)

Clicking "Allow" button to load the KEXT on 10.13 can't be done over remote connections (VNC), but must
be done on local console.

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