1.7.2 New Stable Release!

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1.7.2 New Stable Release!

Postby ilovezfs » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:40 pm

OpenZFS_on_OS_X_1.7.2.dmg 2018-03-24

file size : 45106930 bytes
md5 : cea54c5aabacc133fca4c8de6f687078
sha1 : ba1e96ecf360aa8b4223d6b409db994920613bcd
sha256 : b2deddbd0cf899db99c3c4dbd449101a881c744d3e2ab2c1f8bd6637296601ad

Get it here: https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Downloads#1.7.2

New since 1.7.1:
  • 7614 zfs device evacuation/removal (OpenZFS Team)
  • 9164 assert: newds == os->os_dsl_dataset (OpenZFS Team)
  • Revert "Implement VNOP_ALLOCATE" (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
  • Must check return of vnode_getwithvid() (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
  • Clean up vdev_file to hold on to the files (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
  • Do not rely on ubc_upl_map leaving vaddr as NULL on failures (OpenZFSOnOSX Team)
  • Additional bug fixes (OpenZFS Team)

* zfs crypto + cache device is known to cause panics. Please avoid using a cache device if you use zfs crypto for now.

Clicking "Allow" button to load the KEXT on 10.13 can't be done over remote connections (VNC), but must
be done on local console.

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