1.5.2 New Stable Release

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1.5.2 New Stable Release

Postby lundman » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:08 pm


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file size : 22490701 bytes
md5 : f3b82dd439a87f2b7387995952b5723a
sha1 : 48d1067d1f42e495c3bc747d652e474b1cefc121
sha256 : 185d20242bacd14cd609ccfb8f89736e1ea0ca6dec6475fd9eb7703c17ab5413

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    New upstream checksums (with new feature flags): SHA-512, Edonr, Skein (Matthew Ahrens)
    Resumable send and receive (Matthew Ahrens)
    Finder notification thread to refresh sizes across datasets (Jorgen Lundman)
    SPL: enhanced kmem pressure system (rottegift)
    SPL: Rewrite TSD using AVL tree (Jorgen Lundman)
    Cache names in getattr (Jorgen Lundman)
    InvariantDisks serial fixes (cbreak)
    Show Hardlink LinkID fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
    Trivial ACLs not hidden (Jorgen Lundman)
    Group ACL fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
    IOkit deadlock on export fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
    MAF and deadlocks in ZVOL fixes (Jorgen Lundman)
    Show diskutil info on ZVOLs fix (Brendon Humphrey, ilovezfs)
    ZED notification fixes (Andreas Weinlein)
    Have automatic import always use by-id (Justin Scholz)
    Fix handling of XATTR_CREATE and XATTR_REPLACE (ilovezfs)
    Don't ignore VFS when it passes nosuid and nodev (ilovezfs)
    Don't use a shared lock for online expansion (ilovezfs)
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