1.4.5 New Stable Release (with El Capitan support!)

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1.4.5 New Stable Release (with El Capitan support!)

Postby ilovezfs » Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:00 am

file size : 21063530 bytes
md5 : 3db03baf69d43e4a01ffc799abb36ce4
sha1 : 3742703ab7b044ed6fb46e0c931816d55379c51b
sha256 : 9ad0b21bc54c5453a90427d478533f530ff9bb98744d17f2fcb127a81af18169

Get it here: https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Downloads#1.4.5

New since 1.4.2:
  • Remove deadlock with zil_lwb_commit (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Remove memory leak in znodes leading to beachball (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Do not call ctldir unmount (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Xcode 7 compile fixes (ilovezfs)
  • Adhere to SIP in installer on El Capitan (ilovezfs)

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