1.4.2 New Stable Release!

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1.4.2 New Stable Release!

Postby ilovezfs » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:21 am

file size : 16009726 bytes
md5 : f1a1768fdfe9aea79942e481352a79c7
sha1 : ef97bd3f3216c29a7f371b96523676d2bc2ab410
sha256 : 189fc9bfe231cf51b65dac2665cecb65f632979fd13bcafa3f4e3b486880237f

Get it here: https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Downloads#1.4.2

New since 1.3.2-RC1:
  • Correct kernel thread priorities (Jörgen Lundman)
  • VFS nolocks rework from 10a286 (Jörgen Lundman)
  • vnop_pageout_v2 replacement (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Permanent Storage work, incomplete (Jörgen Lundman)
  • mmapped file data written twice fix (Jörgen Lundman)
  • InvariantDisks fixes (ilovezfs) (Gerhard Röthlin)
  • SA corruption fixes (ZFS on Linux)
  • SA recover status alerts when detected (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Modify-After-Free bugs and deadlock fixes (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Complete Re-port of IllumOS taskq (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Revert back to using taskq_dispatch_ent() (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Remove async unlinkeddrain (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Remove internal unused flag XATTR (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Additional ioctls from HFS (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Merge with upstream ZOL 20150520
  • New pool feature "filesystem_limits"
  • New pool feature "large_blocks"
New since 1.3.1-r2:
  • Remove serial console debug messages (Jörgen Lundman)
  • uiocopy failed to set direction (Jörgen Lundman)
  • SMAP work for Broadwell chipset (Jörgen Lundman)
  • Device removal panic fixes (Jörgen Lundman)
  • LASTUNMOUNT property was incorrect (Jörgen Lundman)
  • getxattr FinderInfo fixes (Jörgen Lundman)
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