1.3.1-r2 Release!

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1.3.1-r2 Release!

Postby ilovezfs » Wed Apr 08, 2015 1:26 pm

file size : 10869017 bytes
md5 : 7d5e78e842b2c98f82379ff673551fca
sha1 : b5a0ef2d1c3b66174a1e60283abec07a5c764c83
sha256 : 7d0001f318e70f7a5ee87273a1f1cc7912908677ea9565702d05282c1ebca8b8

Get it here:

https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Changelog ... 2015-04-08

  • r2 - vnop_pagein to zero non-aligned trailing block causing clang to core (Jorgen Lundman)
  • r2 - ADDEDTIME should updated when moved to a different directory (Jorgen Lundman)
  • r2 - Remove vnode throttle (Jorgen Lundman)
  • r2 - zfs create -p fix for non-root (ilovezfs)
  • GM - readonly mounts failed to unmount (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - readonly import failed to create ZVOL devnodes (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - vnode_getwithvid panic race (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - sa_modify_attrs SA corruption (Tim Chase)
  • GM - zconfigd added for persistent config (Brendon Humphrey, ilovezfs)
  • GM - Fix missing FIFO named-pipes VNOPs (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - Fake HFS related IOCTLs for _kMDQueryScope filter in Spotlight (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - Add new 10.10 ATTR to vnop_getattr (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - FNDRINFO and ADDEDTIME support (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - InvariantDisks fixes (ilovezfs)
  • GM - Skip optical media on zpool import and add timeout (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - Initial secpolicy framework (ilovezfs)
  • GM - zpool status -L to resolve symlinks (ilovezfs)
  • GM - mmap pageout/pagein partial requests fix (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - kstat fixes and addition (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - Unmount/reboot delay fixed, direct reclaim (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - rollback/suspendfs would delay waiting for reclaim (Jorgen Lundman)
  • GM - 'com.apple.mimic_hfs' property added to identify as 'hfs' (Brendon Humphrey)
  • RC5 - New daemon called "InvariantDisks" providing persistent paths to use with the zpool command: /var/run/disk/by-id, by-path, by-serial (cf. https://github.com/cbreak-black/InvariantDisks) (Gerhard Röthlin)
  • RC5 - Speed up ZVOL unmaps by skipping unmaps that are fully unaligned and by only using zil_commit for unmap if sync=always (Evan Susarret and Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC5 - Fix lacking force-positive mount options (Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC5 - Simplified zed daemonization (ilovezfs)
  • RC5 - Bump Spotlight auto-enable until Sun, 01 Feb 2015 00:00:00 UTC (ilovezfs)
  • RC5 - Fix Finder tags modification bug by truncating xattr before overwriting. (Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC4 - ZFS: Return correct VA_NAME in vnop_getattr for dataset mountpoints (Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC3 - ZFS: ZEVO empty SA panic fix (Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC3 - Set B_NOCACHE to stop possibly double caching block data (Jorgen Lundman and Evan Susarret)
  • RC3 - arcstat.pl included
  • RC2 - ZFS: Release XATTRs in vnop_remove quicker (Jorgen Lundman)
  • RC2 - ZFS: Early clearing of z_vnode cause NULL vp panic (Jorgen Lundman)
  • SPL: kstat support, including tunables. (Brendon Humphrey)
  • SPL: change from mutex allocations to inline (Jorgen Lundman)
  • SPL: port of IllumOS kmem (Brendon Humphrey)
  • memory pressure sensor and memory reap support (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Improve unmount/export code (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Handle vnop_pageout() calls during vnode_create (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Fix reply to getattrlist regarding case sensitivity to fix install of Adobe software (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Fix vfs_vget() for Spotlight and SMB. Enable spotlight on mounts. (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Fix zfs.util for whole disk checks (ilovezfs)
  • Add working arcstat.pl (Brendon Humphrey)
  • Work around for legacy mount points and unsupported versions. (ilovezfs)
  • Fix bug for fragmentation when spacemap_histogram is disabled (ilovezfs)
  • Open disks as root to fix scrub hang as user. (Jorgen Lundman) (ilovezfs)
  • Fix zfs diff (Jorgen Lundman)
  • SPL: condvar timeout, fix cache devices sometimes not being used (Jorgen Lundman)
  • reclaim restructuring. Enable delete fast path, and actual release of xattrs (Jorgen Lundman)
  • enable userquota/groupquota accounting (Jorgen Lundman)
  • Temporary fix for missing .Trashes folder (Jorgen Lundman) (ilovezfs)
  • Automatically remove old .metadata_never_index before Dec 15th
  • Add pool features: async_destroy empty_bpobj lz4_compress spacemap_histogram enabled_txg hole_birth extensible_dataset embedded_data bookmarks
  • Illumos 5138 Illumos 4753 Illumos 5116 Illumos 5135 Illumos 5139 Illumos 5147 Illumos 5161 Illumos 5177 Illumos 5174 Illumos 5140 Illumos 5117 Illumos 5049 IllumoS 4873 Illumos 4970-4974 Illumos 5034 Illumos 4631 Illumos 4976-4984 Illumos 4914 Illumos 4881 Illumos 4897 Illumos 4390 Illumos 4757, 4913 Illumos 3835 Illumos 4754, 4755 Illumos #4374 Illumos 4368, 4369 Illumos 4370, 4371 Illumos 4171, 4172 Illumos #4756 Illumos #4730 Illumos #4101, #4102, #4103, #4105, #4106

*** Warning ***

Previous versions of O3X (1.3.0 and earlier) never processed the unlinked-drain list. We finally have support for this, but this means the very first import will finally process the unlinked-drain list. This can take quite a while.

You can watch the /var/log/system.log file for progress.

For example
Code: Select all
tail -f /var/log/system.log | grep ZFS
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