1.3.0 Release!

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1.3.0 Release!

Postby ilovezfs » Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:56 am

OpenZFS on OS X 1.3.0.dmg
file size : 10570082 bytes
md5 : 34938fb69d2d43b461f268c739f7e100
sha1 : 3a53187c214db95ac72919f3f3952f96c55a27b7
sha256 : a0030181a91ecace2d31cfab26d10b2284602e2b442f71a344a9da11165cb6c7


https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Changelog ... 2014-07-24

Code: Select all
* Print the spl version found instead of "v0.01" ''(ilovezfs)''
* Only replace a pre-existing custom icon if it's the snowflake ''(ilovezfs)''
* Run osascript as the logged-in user so the notifications actually show up ''(ilovezfs)''
* Check for ZEVO either still installed or uninstalled but pre-reboot, and display error for the user ''(ilovezfs)''
* Fix "Load the module manually by running ..." when kexts are in /Library/Extensions on OS X 10.9+ ''(ilovezfs)''
* Fix mutex leaks, resulting in eventual panic in "mutex_enter()". ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Fix spa_strdup freeing wrong size, causing kmem havok. ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Enhance bmalloc to include free size, bounds and use after free; checks. ''(Brendon Humphrey)''
* Fix zdb 'hang' waiting for reclaim_thread ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Autoimport work and fixes ''(ilovezfs)''
* sysctl normalization code from legacy port, default off ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Fix hang at export due to spotlight references ''(ilovezfs)''
* Reboot hang fix (wait for reclaim thread) ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Reboot hang fix, take 2. (zed ignoring TERM) ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Added spl_wait_interruptible functions ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Merged ZOL-0.6.3
* ZVOL unmap support ''(Evan Susarret)''
* Better disk icon support ''(ilovezfs)''
* onexit fixes, clean zfs send holds ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Replace MALLOC calls to use bmalloc for performance ''(Brendon Humphrey)''
* OS X Yosemite 10.10 compile fixes ''(ilovezfs)''
* zp reclaim vs zget remodel fix deadlocks ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Support legacy mountpoints ''(ilovezfs)''
* Initial non-root support ''(ilovezfs)''
* Rewrite ioctl after upstream ''(Jorgen Lundman)''
* Normalized lookup panic fix ''(Jorgen Lundman)''

and, of course, all the fixes in ZFS on Linux 0.6.3. Thanks guys!
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