Upcoming testing..

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Upcoming testing..

Postby lundman » Fri Mar 17, 2023 10:37 pm

So we should probably look at release-candidate for a 2.1.7, and all the fixes we've done already.

I'm also testing out assembly files for M1/arm64.

I have tested "aesv8-armx" which came out as
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 icp_aes_impl=generic READ: bw=239MiB/s (250MB/s), 239MiB/s-239MiB/s
          (250MB/s-250MB/s), io=69.9GiB (75.1GB), run=300003-300003msec

 icp_aes_impl=aesv8   READ: bw=566MiB/s (593MB/s), 566MiB/s-566MiB/s
          (593MB/s-593MB/s), io=166GiB (178GB), run=300001-300001msec

Which should help those using encryption on arm64. Any other area in particular that could need speedup with assembly?
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