Thanks For The Run - But It's Over

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Thanks For The Run - But It's Over

Postby Dismayed » Sun Jan 31, 2021 2:32 pm

I used Open ZFS on OSX for a few years, but I decided a completely dump OSX after Apple obsoleted my Mac Pro 5,1. Yes, it's an old machine, but it does have quad core 3.2 GHZ Xeon processors and ECC RAM, so it handles current software without problems. But not to worry - the latest version of Win 10 installs and runs well. And I now have a proper NAS box that I built. It was a simple matter to export the pool from my Mac and to reimport and upgrade on my NAS.

Anyway - I wanted to thank the forum members here for the support that I have received, and for giving me a path to my first foray into ZFS.
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