request: consider moving installation to /opt

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request: consider moving installation to /opt

Postby zenomt » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:27 pm

the last time i updated OpenZFS on my mac was in 2017, to version 1.6.1. at that time the installation location for all the userland stuff moved to /usr/local. unfortunately i was already keeping my extensive /usr/local on my ZFS pool. i ended up moving all the ZFS stuff to /opt/zfs/ and making symlinks in /usr/bin and /usr/lib to the corresponding stuff in /opt/zfs/{bin,lib} so things would work while the system was starting up. i believe the only binary i had to patch was zconfigd (which is hardwired to invoke /usr/local/bin/zsysctl).

anyway, all that was a pain and seems kinda fragile, which is why i've been reluctant to upgrade since.

i'm probably not the only ZFS fan who wants to keep their /usr/local in ZFS. so on behalf of myself and those people, i'd like to request that the developers consider making the installation location be /opt/zfs instead of /usr/local.

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