5-Bay JBOD USB3 Case

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5-Bay JBOD USB3 Case

Postby The Ghost of Mikey » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:58 am


well, got a new USB3 SATA-3 DockingStation today; benchmarked it with on old EVO850 SSD and got around 415mb/s READ-WRITE Speed. Wow.

For backup purposes, I use two external USB3 5-bay JBOD cases (Lian LI and TerraMaster), both were cheap amazon buys each around 150 bucks. Both fully loaded running each a single RAIDZ1. Everything is fine with them, expect, both don't go over 100-130 mb/s in this setup. So even a scrub of one of them runs around 52 hours...

No one out there seems to benchmark these cases in a JBOD (software-raid) setup ... so please help me. What 5-Bay USB3 JBOD Cases do you use and what speeds are you getting (in a JBOD Setup)? Any REAL-WORLD recommendation that would reach 400mb/s like my new DockingStation?
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