Upgrading from Mojave/ZFS 1.9.4 to Big Sur/ZFS 2.1.0

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Upgrading from Mojave/ZFS 1.9.4 to Big Sur/ZFS 2.1.0

Postby Sharko » Mon Nov 01, 2021 1:02 pm

As the title says, I'm considering making the jump to Big Sur, seeing as that has the largest OpenZFSOnOSX user base (according to download statistics). Mojave seems to have passed out of security updates, so I will have to do something to move up shortly. I'm on a Mac Pro 5,1 so I'll have to master the OpenCore technology as well. Here are the ZFS features that I use pretty regularly:

My main user data is stored on an SSD, in an encrypted dataset in a ZFS filesystem. I boot from a separate non-encrypted APFS drive.
The computer that holds the two drives mentioned above has the https://openzfsonosx.org/wiki/Auto_snapshots system set up.
I use ZFS raw send and receive to manually transfer snapshots to a variety of ZFS filesystems on rotating media hard drives for backup.

Are there any obvious deal-breakers in what I've laid out here? I've seen the warning that I will have to upgrade my pools for encryption to work; should I consider starting with a fresh pool created under 2.1.0? 1.9.4 has been wonderfully solid for me. Thanks for your advice.

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Re: Upgrading from Mojave/ZFS 1.9.4 to Big Sur/ZFS 2.1.0

Postby lundman » Mon Jan 03, 2022 6:10 pm

Don't see anything immediately in the way of continuing your setup..
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